Design A Prom Dress

design your own prom dress
design your own prom dress
The Basics Needed to Design a Prom Dress

The high school Prom; it’s one of the top five events a teenage girl looks forward to. The single largest problem for the girl, after finding a date, is what to wear. The fear of wearing the same thing as four others is huge; second to that is the cost. For some, the idea to simply design a prom dress answers both questions.

Before you get into thinking “I’ll just design my own prom dress”, there are some basic questions you need to ask yourself: Are you able and willing to put the time into the design and construction? Are you aware of the cost of materials for your design? Do you know how to sew, or can you find someone who can make the dress for a price you can handle? How complicated is the design you want to assemble? Would you still be happy even if the finished dress isn’t exactly what you envisioned?

How to Get Ideas

So you have decided to go ahead and design a prom dress for yourself. How do you go about coming up with ideas for the design? Listed below are a few simple tips and tricks to finding some ideas so you can design a prom dress.

Start with the fashion magazines you find all around you. The latest trends are always on show. Check with the bridal and dress shops for ideas. This can give you a clue as to what colors, fabrics, and combinations are being used. The local fabric stores all have books with designs in them to help give you ideas.

Find a pre-made pattern and jazz it up to suit your style. If you find a simple dress someplace, think of a twist that could make it yours. Watch the celebrities, they always have to be on top of the fashion world.
design your own prom dress
design your own prom dress
How to Get the Design Into Reality

Now that you know it is possible to design a prom dress, and are sure it can be turned into a real dress, how do you get the design to become reality? There are a variety of choices here as well. If you choose to design a prom dress, and then make it yourself, there are both books and websites that can provide sewing and construction tips to help you. If you want someone else to make the dress for you, make sure you get photos of not only the front and back, but also side views. There are also many online shops and sites that will let you upload photos and details which they will use to make your design a reality.

While the effort to design a prom dress may seem time consuming, the rewards can make the effort worthwhile. Even with the use of online resources being the most expensive compared to actually building your own dress, taking part in creating something completely unique to your style can make the prom even more memorable.

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