Prom Dress Gets Girl Suspended

Prom Dress Gets Girl Suspended
Prom Dress Gets Girl Suspended

Girl Suspended for Revealing Prom Dress
By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
April 26th, 2010

Los Angeles ( According to latest reports, Alabama’s Oxford High School has punished high school senior students for not sticking to their dress code. Allegedly 25 students were offered a choice : corporal punishment or a 3 day suspension.

Erica DeRamus was one of the students who ended up all dressed up but nowhere to go on her prom night. She found her perfect prom dress from an online store. It was a seafoam green cocktail frock with a jeweled bodice and a tutu-style skirt.

I was so excited because it was my senior prom and I’d never been to a senior prom

She said.

The Alabama’s Oxford High School has a dress policy for it’s prom that includes no dresses made with transparent materials, none more than four inches above the knee, no revealing neck lines or back lines, no midriff’s showing and more.

Being a parent, I want to make sure girls and guys act accordingly. We’re a high school and our community has certain expectations of what is appropriate.

Oxford principal Trey Holladay said.

Apparently Erica’s modern mini dress did not match their dress code and was offered the choice of the two punishments. She chose three day suspension and reportedly told CNN,

We’re too old to get paddled…This is high school, we’re seniors.

This is not the 1940’s.

It is reported that DeRamus’s mother, Darrie DeRamus, supported her daughter’s decision, and her choice of dress.

If I felt like there was too much cleavage on that dress, I wouldn’t have purchased the dress

Prom Dress Gets Girl Suspended
Prom Dress Gets Girl Suspended

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