Prom Dress Suspension

High School Senior Suspended For ‘Skimpy’ Prom Dress
Ruthie Friedlander | 10:21 am, April 3rd, 2010

Prom dress shopping can either be the most exciting fashion moment of your teens or the most horrific. For high school senior Erica DeRamus, it has been a little bit of both.

The Alabama teen was suspended from her high school for showing up to her prom in a dress that was deemed inappropriate because of its short length and exposed top. The school’s principal explained to a WBRC reporter that the school’s dress code policy does not allow for anything that “falls below the breastbone” or anything with a hem 6 inches above one’s knee.

“The expectation in our community is that it’s there for protection of kids and not for management of kids,” the Oxford High School principal told WBRC.

And here we thought the issue at proms was making sure no one was drinking in the limo on the way to the after parties.

DeRamus’ mother told WBRC that had she felt the dress was inappropriate, she would never have let her daughter wear it.

Out of the 352 students that attended the Oxford High School prom, 18 were considered to be in violation of dress code, but not all 18 were suspended. Students had the choice to be “paddled” or suspended; only DeRamus opted for the 3 day suspension.

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